Monday, May 08, 2006

Rip The Lid Off Your Id: Only 5 Bucks

Procrastinating & putting off other things more potentially lucrative is Demon Princess's favorite way to spend a sunny afternoon. After all, we have SO many of them here, why not?

So, I was roaming around this website, BoingBoing, which seems to be geared largely to young men whose primary preoccupations seem to be all things computer, interesting gadgets, & comic books, when I ran across this review of an actual book.

I musta missed it, but now I'm interested.

Says the reviewer: "Mr. Irresponsible's Bad Advice : How to Rip the Lid Off Your Id and Live Happily Ever After, is ostensibly a humor book, but it really speaks to the lizard brain in all of us that wants to squash annoying people like bugs. That it's also hilarious is an added bonus. Just don't follow his advice, unless you want to end up in prison, or worse."

The book is featured on, which Demon Princess finds a delicious irony. I daresay a lot of our most famous leading lights in Pacific Northwest industries read (or could have written)books like these.

Don't ask. Though I did see that Bill Gates has recently been quoted as saying all his wealth "wasn't worth it." We don't see MSoft unbundling its products or giving up its very expensive fight with the EU over its alleged anti-trust violations, however.

Here in the US, of course, we don't pay attention to anti-trust law anymore. It's so yesterday.


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