Sunday, July 05, 2009

Republicons Behaving Badly (~Surprise!~)

Caribou Barbie for Prez

So, this a real surprise! Sarah abdicates her governor's mansion for nonsensical, incoherent reasons. Check Gail Collins in the New York Times:
Your ever-watchful Demon dares to opine that if running for President is on her agenda, it would be the greatest thing EVER for this country ~ the finishing nails on the coffin of a GOP that, sadly, refuses to recognize that it is dead, and persists in walking upright (loosely speaking). The uber-right-winger of Alaska made such a hash of it in the 1st go-round, we can hardly wait to see what gaffes she'll pull in the next.
More: Exhibit B: John Boehner, a sterling example of the kind of knee-jerk whinging, whining and ideological wailing denial of climate change that has irked us citizen-onlookers for years now. Not that a member of Congress should not be able to take a critical view of a particular bill, no. What offends Your Demon is that John and his ilk seem to think they still matter on the large stage. All that grandstanding and orotund oratory is just wearisome, dude. Give it a rest.
Go into the light, my misguided friends, while the rest of us go about the heavy work of mopping up after eight long years of your Unholy messes!