Saturday, October 25, 2008

Protection For Irresponsible Free-Marketeers

But Not, Necessarily, For YOU, Plebe!
With today's news that Paulson is about to funnel taxpayer funds to more insurance comapanies, despite the fact that he really doesn't have the authority to do so (but since when does the absence of Congressional authority mean anything to a neocon corporate capitalist--just ignore valiantly all signs that fantastical ideologically-based thinking hasn't worked and then run to Congress with a three-page proposal and they'll have to pass it or risk losing their jobs along with the rest of the plebes!), we get a clearer sense of how neo-socialism is going to work--more robbing from the middle and working classses to distribute upwards, with no or few apparent consequences for the abject profligacy of the neo-robber barons of the past eight years.
Again, your Demon wants to know, where are the protections for the plebes whose wallets are being raided and futures mortgaged--you know, girls and boys--reworking of bankruptcy laws, usury laws on the terms and conditions of credit, and investigating whether insurance companies are going to continue to be able to charge average joes higher premiums based on problems with credit in the past--and what did that ever have to do, really, with insurabilty where products aimed at average people--home, auto, life--are concerned, anyway?
While you're at it, Congress, start considering how credit problems affect average people looking for jobs--if a position doesn't involve handling of or direct access to money, why is it relevant, why is it perfectly legal (still?) With the number of layoffs sure to be coming and the disastrous effects sure to be experienced by ordinary people, whatever their political affiliation, ignoring these problems even while funnelling taxpayer funds into a never-ending bailout of the politically connected wealthy interests who caused the problems in the first place would be a move fraught with danger to the pols who attempt it as well as the health of whatever democracy we have left.
I'm jus' sayin'...

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