Friday, November 02, 2007

Democrats Give Mukasey Nomination OK

Ill: Micah Wright/Propaganda Remix
with permission

So, surprise~ your Demon can't get behind the Mukasey nomination for Attorney General. He may have shown the slightest bit of independence & reverence for the rule of law in the distant past, but he's also backed the suspension of habeus corpus as to American citizens, & also knows on which side his bread is buttered. He's a big fan & contributor to Rudy Giulani's campaign.

Nothing at all apolitical & neutral about him. (The judiciary was once expected to be just that, but it seems we surrendered that illusion long ago.)

After all, one doesn't get to be a poobah in the Bush Administration without swearing fealty to the neocon agenda of worldwide belligerence & the ongoing cause of pathetic little homicidal he-men there (who never got the "opportunity" to serve in uniform) wanting to star in their own home movies. We must provide a national outlet for all that testosterone-driven rage. It's a fight to the death with the islamofascists. Will we let our own philosophy of civil liberties & centuries of hard-won legal traditions be the hook that hoists us by our own petards?

Nothing to see here, Democrats, move on.

Again, the big news of the day is that nothing has really changed with the Democrats in office. Faced with the greatest challenge of statesmanship of our generation, they've failed us, miserably.

Of course, op-eds in the WaPo like this don't help. Confusing cause with effect on so many levels does not advance anyone's critical thinking skills, &, in the end, encourages Democrats in Congress to do something ~ anything ~ when "doing nothing" may well be the better choice (leaving the post vacant).

For more on the bill the WaPo seems to think is a final solution

Your Demon would urge the Democrats to hold the nomination up until a bill banning torture as well as extra-legal spying makes it through Congress.

But, that's all over now: Bush will bash & bully them unless they let him pull the strings:

Yet another liberal perspective on the matter from Glenn Greenwald:

"When Bush says: '9/11-AlQaeda-Terrorism-GiveMeX,' Democrats always ensure that he gets 'X.' The only variable is how they will do it, which specific members will ensure that it happens. 'X' here was Mukasey's confirmation, and Democrats are thus complying as always. At least the embarrassing efforts to pretend they were ever really going to block this nomination have come to an end."



Blogger sumo said...

Besides...he looks like a little weasel too. No insults to weasels intended.

1:19 AM  
Blogger Demon Princess said...

haha! Perhaps the only positive thing that can be said about anybody in the Bush Administration is that they look exactly like what they are ~ truth in advertising. So how come we 'elected' them anyway? No insults to weasels.

2:43 PM  

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