Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Depressing "Aha" Moment

our Demon has been preoccupied, ever since she began this old-fashioned broadside of a blog, with a single question:
What the hell is wrong with this country that things have gone so horribly awry in terms not only of civil discourse in politix between Americans themselves (the bitter carping & shout-fests of competing soundbytes & talking points said "debate" has become), but worse, how the extreme hard right has so successfully skewed the national conversation such that they've managed to invade a sovereign country, sell us on the necessity of same with no more honesty nor compunction than a used car salesman peddling a beater with a turned-back odometer, & have generally succeeded in turning a tempest in a teapot into a "Global War on Terror" ~ and here's the clincher, the cherry on top ~the "normalization" of lying, spying, extraordinary rendition & torture as the ordinary stuff of daily political life.
Are we outraged yet? (Apparently not.)
Once upon a time long ago, I was visiting Western Germany, & one of my hosts asked me (an Irishwoman, & in all sincerity), "What is the difference between your liberals & your conservatives in America?" I had to admit then, "Not much," with a laugh, but that was some time ago, & I no longer think it's a wryly amusing matter.
The question was prescient.
In fact, I now think that our complacence as liberals & our willingness to tolerate the pernicious effect of corporate money in politix as well as our inattention to other matters such as how easy it is otherwise to jerry-rig voting machines, & to jerrymander voting districts, has come back to bite our asses, big time.
Worse, & I hate to even think it, much less say it out loud ~ our high level of tolerance & blind adherence to 18th Century Enlightenment principles, based on calm, rational discussion & belief that if we provide a "marketplace of ideas" and conduct ourselves appropriately, "the truth will out," and a sort of rational sanity will prevail.
That was before the Neocons snuck up on us, consolidating their power slowly, & now, in the full flower of the Bush years, our own liberal brand of tolerance has allowed the rabid neo-cons to storm us like the radical bunch of Berserkers they are, hell bent on undermining every legal underpinning of democracy here at home and wreaking untold havoc on the rest of the world.
The problem is that the "marketplace of ideas" paradigm only functions well where accurate information is shared in transparent fashion. We're fed only propaganda, shallow jingoism, lies, distortions & cover-ups, & it's getting mighty hard to defend our core principles in the face of all that noise.
So, where now, intrepid fellow liberals?



Blogger Paul said...

Geez Princess, lots of people are asking the same thing. The only known models to follow now are the "revolutions" in places like the Phillipines and Georgia. Everybody show up in Washington at the same time and shut the motherfuckers down!
What else is left to do after such a large majority has been informed and expressed dissent with no apparent response from our so called leaders?
It will mean giving it up big time, maybe losing jobs, home, relationships and maybe serious injury. Will enough people be willing? I'm ready, but it's gotta be co-ordinated on a mass scale. At least a million people so they can't ignore us anymore.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Demon Princess said...

Hey Paul,

At this point I think you're right as to being heard on the national level (& refusing to be penned up in the irrelvancy of the Bush-style "protest zones." )

The other thing that occurs to me is keeping up pressure on the MSM to cover & investigate, as opposed to focusing on trivia such as fictional characters' sexual orientation & Britney's new album.

Writing to Congressional representatives, too. Especially the boneheads :o
Of course, I've been doing that all along, with not much effect so far.

You're right that we need a critical mass & a coordinated effort.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous imsmall said...


"Doors where my heart was used to beat"--
But in time of persistent war,
The past no fervent dreams restore
And this I know, nor do entreat.

The past is buried with the dead,
As though, as by a sudden halt
Spring were suspended; and the fault
Was war´s assault unwarranted.

This "riding of the tiger" is
Fair topic of a moment´s boast,
But how dislodge, and not be lost
The question is, and none know this.

Such men as grab the hellish mane
As by volition, on a lark,
Know not what war´s events may spark,
Nor consequence may they disdain.

8:09 AM  

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