Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday's Random Funny ~ The Trouble With Dictatorships

Chinese Officials Order Living Buddhas to Get Permission Before Reincarnating

Funny, that is, if not for the fact that it's so wrong on so many levels.

Actually, the point seems to be to prevent Tibetans from identifying their future spiritual leaders. Apparently that means making a great show of "legalistic" enactments which the dictator righteously follows through with. Even if the idea of legislating the behavior of pre-carnate souls is absolutely preposterous. Can't the all-powerful Chinese government forbid them not to die in the 1st place?

Your Demon, BTW, is not particularly religious, like all liberal elites, but if she were, she'd be Buddhist.



Blogger betmo said...

me too- buddhist tenets seem to be more inline with what i believe anyway. i don't go in for religion though- so- here i am. i just get tired of people trying to run other people's lives. i am definitely a live and let live kinda gal- and religions tend to force conversions. no thanks. apparently, american christians didn't corner the market on pushy stupidity though.

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