Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday 13th ~ Bad News In Bushworld

Ill: The Worried Shrimp

Befitting the dateline, seems the news today is mostly bad for Bushco: in the wake of general outrage over various & sundry items such as (arrogant) illegal spying, Gonzales apparently (arrogantly) lying to Congress when he said he was unaware of any problems with same, the Iraqi government (what's left of it) going against the Administration's wishes & refusing to rubber-stamp an oil-revenue law that would purportedly give foreign interests (read US) too much control, (arrogant) defiance of Congress & in the refusal to have ex-White House counsel Harriet Myers testify regarding the partisan purge of U.S. attorneys, Bush continues in character ~ that is to say, we can't help but think: look, look over there ~ evil terrorists are planning to attack soon, er pretty soon, uh, maybe not. All that before an internal sting operation showed America how easy it would be for terrorists to access dirty-bomb building materials from *you guessed it* Bushco's government. No wonder Republicans are running from Bush for their political lives.

It's taken 6 long years, but the American public seems to be coming around ~ impeachment talk is gaining steam, even from a conservative law professor who cites the Federalist Papers of all things: Watch the program tonite on PBS.



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